Druce Holistic Therapy

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 Example of the effect of Bowen Treatments


You will notice that the gentlemans back is bowed to the left and as the months pass it straightens up giving him significant benefits.


The Treatment

  • First session will be an assessment of the clients conditions. Treatments will be based on this and any further assessments.
  • Ideally treatment is completed directly on the skin
  • Each session varies depending on the clients requirements, although the initial treatment will generally address the whole body.
  • Each treatment will take between 45 mins to 1 hr to complete.  The 1st treatment will be the longest.
  • An initial set of 3 treatments is recommended with between 5-7 days between each treatment.

How could this help me?


The following conditions may be helped by the Bowen Technique but the list is not exhaustive and it is best to call to discuss your particular condition with no obligation.


  • back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • TMJ issues
  • headaches
  • neckpain
  • rsi elbow and wrist problems
  • ibs
  • respiratory conditions

Registered Practitioner with the Bowen Association UK