Druce Holistic Therapy

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Michelle, Admin Assistant

I was suffering from migraine type headaches. The attacks were two a week and my neck and shoulders were tight and I felt really low. I was taking pain killers like they were smarties and the headaches kept on coming. Bowen treatment was suggested and so I tried it. I wasn't sure what to expect, however, the first session made me so relaxed that I felt I was sinking into the treatment bed. I felt heavy and tired and calm; the actual treatment itself is extremely gentle and you find yourself thinking 'was that it?' but I can guarantee you that its all you need. In the second session, Kevin performed a more intense treatment on my neck and jaw and I felt very tired for a couple of days but again it has had the right reaction. I had a third session just to make sure but in all honesty I haven't had a headache since. The other noticeable effect is that for the first time in 47 years, I have stopped biting my nails and I feel less nervous and if that's down to Bowen then what a bonus. 

Kevin's approach and the way he talks you through the treatment is very professional. Kevin is really invested in helping you and he wants you to feel the benefit of the treatment. I have recommended Kevin to friends and acquaintances because Bowen really has worked for me!


I went to see Kevin suffering from very bad back pain. I have suffered from a bad back on and off over the last 15 years, but it had been progressively getting much worse. After 3 sessions with Kevin, I have so far been completely pain free.
The cost of the treatment was amazing value for money and I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking similar treatment.


I injured my shoulder at Christmas and decided to try Bowen after months of failed NHS treatment. Kevin made me feel comfortable by explaining what I would expect during the treatment and offered advice post-treatment. During the treatment I felt very relaxed and found it unintrusive. Afterwards I noticed a marked improvement in the flexibility of my shoulder and I experienced less pain in this area. On a general note, Kevin greatly reduced any muscular tension in other areas of my body.

Clive, Retired Senior Engineer

I have had rheumamtoid arthritis for the past forty years and suffer pain in most parts of my body and limbs. I recently started having regular treatment with the Bowen Technique administered by Kevin. Since the treatment, I have a measurable improvement in my shoulders and neck, and am now sleeping much better. I am experiencing an overall improvement in my general condition and am more relaxed and able to deal with my disability.


I was in agony when I contacted Kevin and very skeptical but was willing to give anything a go. It is a completely non intrusive type of therapy. Everything was explained thoroughly and I was put completely at ease. Kevin was very flexible around my busy schedule and provided a great service :)

Alan, Retired Manager

I attended 3 sessions for treatment for pain in my left shoulder that I believe had resulted from a pulled ligament and I found the treatment effective in that it reduced the level of discomfort.

Each of the hour sessions I found relaxing and interesting as I had no previous experience of any such techniques.

Others who have chosen to use Bowen to help with injuries and pain:


Actor Bill Tarmey - one of Coronation Street’s best loved characters, Jack Duckworth - has found his life transformed by the Bowen Technique. Here is a link to the article.



Joe Beer - triathlon coach  



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Bowen Therapy for Rugby Sports Injury

Bowen Technique has now proved itself as a therapy to be reckoned with when it comes to Sports Injuries. World Cup winners Leeds Rhino’s owe a portion of their success to Bowen Technique’s ability to radically reduce Sports Injury rates, and speed up recovery time. That plus a Medal or two at the Olympics puts Bowen Therapy on the map as being a real alternative when faced with injuries that never really get resolved, and continue to cause restriction. If you want to be number one, you have to be at 100% – Bowen Technique helps you get there.